Rs. 650
Roses have a long history and have been associated with several emotions, the most popular being love. The meaning of the gift varies according to the colours. Red symbolises love, yellow - friendship, orange - enthusiasm & passion and so on.

Red Roses: 10 stems freshly picked and packaged.
Other Coloured Roses: 20 stems freshly picked and packaged.

Tips to make the flowers stay fresh and last longer:
  1. Trim 1-2 inches off the stem and make sure to cut at an angle before placing them in the vase.
  2. Remove the leaves below the waterline.
  3. Replace the water every 2-3 days.
  4. Avoid placing the flowers under direct sunlight.

Fun fact:
Oldest rose alive, The Thousand-year Rose also called as the Rose of Hildesheim grows on a wall of the Hildesheim Cathedral, Germany that is attributed to the Assumption of Mary.
Color: Red
No. of Stems:

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