1 Month Subscription

Rs. 800


  • 5% discount on the total price
  • Weekly delivery
  • Choose any combination of four different/same flowers
  • One flower bunch/week for four weeks



  • Convenient and affordable
  • Subscription will ensure that prices are firm for the entire duration
  • Free delivery is Standard only on Subscriptions


  • Login to your Account or continue as Guest
  • Choose different or same flowers week-wise
  • The prices get added depending on the selection
  • Place your Order

Step 1: Pick your subscription plan.
Step 2: Make your selection from the available variety of flowers.
Step 3: The flowers will be handpicked and freshly packed in the farm every week and delivered to you.
Step 4: Make the payment for your order from the Cart
Step 5: Enjoy your beautiful blooms!

Like any natural produce there might be a possibility of the exact colours ordered being unavailable at the time of delivery. Allow us to surprise you in that case. You will not be disappointed.
The pricing for the subscription plans is auto-calculated based on the cost of flowers in the Amodhini Flowers Section and the type of Plan that is selected.

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